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Swipe2Clean Rust Grabber

Heavy duty Laser Metal cleaning Machines

Introducing the Swipe2Clean Rust-Off Heavy Duty Laser cleaning system.

Swipe2Clean Rust-Grabber : the eco-friendly, Portable Powerhouse of fiber-laser rust cleaning.

The handheld Swipe2Clean Rust-Grabber Laser Cleaning System from lasermach is a sustainable solution for the cleaning, evaporation and peeling off of paint, rust, grime and tarnished overlay on metal surfaces.

It cleans quickly and easily without using any chemical agents and water.

This hand-held package gives you the freedom to clean where needed – quickly clean metal surfaces where they stand and even prepare welding surfaces on-site without fuss.


High power Handheld Ultra-Light Laser Cleaning Torch

Till 2000Watt of light power in a 900 Gram Light Cleaning Torch!

Our Rust Grabber laser cleaning system (1000-1500-2000W) is one of the most powerful handheld lasers on the market with the lightest torch available. It thoroughly eliminates rust, hazardous coatings, and corrosion from metal components fast, without altering the substrate or without leaving any waste behind.

It works efficiently as a handheld laser solution, but can also be integrated into robotics. And, the larger power allows for one of our quickest cleaning rates.

Available 03-2022